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Our services include Information Systems Strategy (ISS), Network Systems Integration (NSI), Alternative Power Systems Deployment (APS), Web Design and Web Technology, IT training, Technology Infrastructure Deployment, IT Security, VAST Technology..more
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We are an-enterprise-wide, total Information and Communication solutions provider providing first class IT solutions to Individuals, Corporate bodies and Government establishments. WORLDWIDE COMPUTERS is committed to providing both legacy and mission-critical businesses with customized, multi-platform data and voice networking solutions with an emphasis on service quality and the deployment of highly reliable, industry-leading products. We are manufacturers representatives of most known names in the IT Industry.

Organizations and businesses function better when people, resources, and projects are working together toward a common goal aligned with the overall strategic direction. The challenges facing businesses today—including mobile workers, distributed operations, and an increased focus on positive return on investment (ROI)—can make it difficult to keep people connected and moving in the same direction.

The WORLDWIDE COMPUTERS solution is a true enterprise-class solution that aligns people and systems, drawing business operations closer together. The solution provides visibility into all facets of your business by providing the project collaboration and analysis tools you need to make informed, proactive decisions.

WORLDWIDE COMPUTERS and its partners have created solutions that integrate leading technologies, applications, and services into software packages, architectures and solutions designed to solve specific business needs. WORLDWIDE COMPUTERS integrates and tests all components of the solution and offers documentation, service, and support for enterprise-class reliability.

WORLDWIDE COMPUTERS is focused on offering innovative, feature-rich solutions that excel at low cost of acquisition and ownership. By maintaining the lowest cost structure possible in the industry the company is focused on satisfying customer needs.

WORLDWIDE COMPUTERS has structured and built its business operations around market needs.

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